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Technology to Track Detainees

Agencies Use Technology to Track Detainees

Pre-trial detention, the time between when you are charged with a crime and when you go to trial, often lasts weeks, sometimes even months. Previously, detainees spent that time behind bars to ensure they did not leave the jurisdiction

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BLUtag Ankle Monitoring

Why Wait in Jail for Your Trial?

As a nation, the U.S. spends close to $140 billion annually to keep detainees in pre-trial detention. Pretrial detention used to mean languishing in jail waiting for the calendar to display the right date. In fact, the majority (60%) of those in jail are waiting for their trials to take place.

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Ankle Monitoring Device

Monitoring Tools: Key to Defendant Accountability

Courts and bail bonding companies use technology-based tools, such as ankle monitors and smartphones, to help detainees await trial outside the walls of a jail. Location tracking and remote monitoring electronic tethers are one way detainees charged with a crime can keep their jobs.

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