Comprehensive Electronic Monitoring You Can Rely on 24/7/365

Courts routinely require 24/7 accountability from pre-trial and probated defendants alike. A 2nd Chance Monitoring uses a specialized app and a range of monitoring devices to assure accountability securely and confidentially. Our advanced monitoring service utilizes traditional ankle-mounted devices, wearable technology such as watches, and smartphones to track location, alcohol status and provide two-way communications. The updated app can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones to provide more touchpoints for participants, increasing accountability compliance. Supervisory agencies, specialty courts, and juvenile, treatment, re-entry and diversion programs choose A 2nd Chance Monitoring to identify the best monitoring solutions for their organizations and eliminate the confusing and complicated refresh cycle of obsoleting technology.

Second chances can start for many defendants with A 2nd Chance Monitoring.

Monitoring Solutions

Location Monitoring
Wearable, GPS-based solutions for remote monitoring
Alcohol Monitoring
Flexible options in alcohol testing
Monitor and communicate with participants via a smartphone app

Why A 2nd Chance Monitoring?

A 2nd Chance Monitoring was founded to help participants continue to be productive members of society as they wait for court dates, fulfill their post-release legal commitments, or comply with diversion program requirements. To do that, A 2nd Chance Monitoring stays on top of advancing technologies to select and offer a range of monitoring devices. These advanced devices provide enhanced round-the-clock monitoring and communication to monitor participants’ movements and check-ins more efficiently. Each device creates an audit trail of updates and messages that helps users document their compliance with court-ordered and program mandates.

Our solutions, along with our customized and professional assistance, assure that any combination of devices and apps work seamlessly together. Enrollees, law enforcement and corrections agencies can use as much or as little of the A 2nd Chance Monitoring capabilities as they need.

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A 2nd Chance Monitoring

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