Comprehensive Electronic Monitoring You Can Rely on 24/7/365

Electronic monitoring helps enrollees satisfy their obligations to the Courts, law enforcement and other supervising agents with around the clock accountability. A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s ankle monitoring, BYOD monitoring and alcohol monitoring systems use our proprietary devices or an enrollee’s smartphone to report pinpointed location and physical condition data at any time.

A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s integrated technology platform offers a range of products designed to increase enrollee interaction, simplify service delivery and easily escalate sanctions. Using A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s customizable platform, enrollees can communicate with law enforcement and correctional agencies safely, securely and confidentially.

Second chances can start for many defendants with A 2nd Chance Monitoring.

Tethered Monitoring

AIR Mobile + AIR Connect

With our AIR Mobile + AIR Connect products, GPS ankle monitors and smart phones allow enrollees to be tracked in near real-time, sharing data immediately with the assigned supervising agent via email, fax or text message. Whether on house arrest or work release, A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s compact, durable and easy to recharge e-tether ankle monitors provide unparalleled location accuracy from the moment of install. A secure web-based electronic monitoring and reporting platform sends continuous updates at 60-second intervals thereafter. Law enforcement and monitoring agencies receive an immediate notification if there is a violation of the monitoring agreement, such as tampering, entering a prohibited zone or failing to recharge the battery. Plus, our dual carrier technology allows monitors to switch on the fly to any nationwide cellular network, eliminating coverage gaps.

Enrollees seeking a low cost, e-tether only monitoring solution need to look no further that BluTag from A 2nd Chance Monitoring. This low-cost monitoring option, which uses GPS to report location specifics, requires no additional hardware. Regarded as the industry standard for one-piece tracking, BluTag features a rugged, double thick, dual fiber optic strap to discourage tampering.

BluTag may be used with our AIR Check-in app to enable enhanced communication capabilities.

Ankle Monitoring

GPS Wrist Wearable

GPS Smart Watch

The smart watch fitted on the offender

Thanks to its screen, buttons and embedded communication, ActiveTrack enables direct interaction with offenders in a dynamic way by sending messages, giving them access to tailored information, triggering reminders, reacting automatically on violations, generating positive reinforcement messages, … and a lot of other features that help them to comply with the rules and assist them actively in their rehabilitation process.


  • Securely fitted on the offender
  • Screen and buttons
  • 48 hours autonomy
  • Infraction detection
  • Removal detection
  • Ruggedized
  • Connectivity
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • LED and vibrator

BYOD Monitoring

AIR Checkin App

Enrollees can bypass the issued device and use their own phone for reporting by downloading our easy-to-use AIR Check-in App. The app allows the enrollee to respond to scheduled and on demand check-ins, photo requests and video chat. In addition, the app works with the issued handheld device to measure and report precise blood alcohol readings. A calendar shared by the enrollee and the monitoring agency enable the two parties to stay on top of scheduled court appearances and other critical events. A proprietary, encrypted email system ensures confidentiality as well.

Alcohol Monitoring

Court ordered alcohol testing is most effective when results are delivered at the completion of the test without waiting for the enrollee to get home, potentially hours later, to transmit results via a home-based beacon. A 2nd Chance Monitoring provides accurate breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) testing using our state-of-the-art system, AIR CheckBAC™. This alcohol monitoring solution, which integrates with the AIR Check-in App, allows law enforcement and community corrections agencies to conduct scheduled and on-demand alcohol testing anywhere, anytime. The handheld device features GPS tracking and a reliable deep-lung fuel sensor to capture the time and GPS location where the test is taken and an accurate BrAC number. The unit automatically sends all of this data directly to the requesting law enforcement or correctional agency. AIR CheckBAC completely integrates with the AIR Check-in App to seamlessly add BAC readings to enrollees’ reports.

CheckBAC iSober70

Why A 2nd Chance Monitoring?

Our integrated, smartphone-based platform assures that any combination of devices and apps will work seamlessly together. Enrollees, law enforcement and corrections agencies can use as much or as little of the A 2nd Chance Monitoring capabilities as they need.

Agency supervisors can use the A 2nd Chance Monitoring platform to view the AIR Dashboard, which displays the historical data and current status of every enrollee interaction. For supervisors who are out of the office, the AIR Supervisor App turns any Apple or Android smart phone into a mobile dashboard.

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