A 2nd Chance Monitoring Introduces New App for 24/7 Case Management Accountability

Enhanced technology from Reconnect® allows defendants and diversion program participants alternatives to in-facility monitoring.

Atlanta, Georgia – February 13, 2024 – A 2nd Chance Monitoring, which provides advanced monitoring services in Georgia, today announced it will be offering a new secure communication and engagement application to pre-trial and probated defendants, as well as participants in various non-legal programs who need to comply with 24/7 accountability mandates. The app, which can be accessed from any smart device, is being provided by Reconnect.

In addition to continual location monitoring, Reconnect’s HIPAA-compliant app provides a secure communication platform for defendants, treatment facilities, healthcare professionals and supervisory agencies. The app’s HIPAA compliance, coupled with end-to-end encryption, ensures the security of information transmitted by defendants facing or recovering from substance use-related charges.

“A 2nd Chance Monitoring was founded to give defendants an opportunity to continue living their lives while awaiting judicial decisions and fulfilling conditions of probation,” said Daniel Matalon, owner, A 2nd Chance Monitoring. “This easy-to-use app has expanded our ability to help many more people to live their lives confidently, knowing that they are satisfying 24/7 accountability mandates.”

The app’s secure, confidential communications enable individuals to move through their daily lives while demonstrating round-the-clock accountability through smart phones, tablets or any device connected to the Internet. Security-grade facial recognition confirms the identity of the defendant while date/time stamps create an audit trail of required communications. The app can also be used to demonstrate attendance at required meetings, communicate on-demand and show compliance inclusion zones and curfews.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with A 2nd Chance Monitoring. Together, our organizations are dedicated to assisting a diverse range of individuals in meeting their obligations under court-ordered or diversion programs,” states Reconnect CEO, Pete Andrews. “Currently, 96% of Reconnect users report that our app significantly streamlines program compliance for them, while staff members acknowledge that Reconnect simplifies the delicate balance between supervision and support. When combined with A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s impressive program, we believe the potential impact of this alliance is truly limitless.”

A 2nd Chance Monitoring serves supervisory agencies, specialty courts, and juvenile, treatment, re-entry and diversion programs in the state of Georgia from its Marietta, Georgia headquarters, providing state-of-the-art monitoring devices and exception-based reporting accountability for pre-trial and probated defendants. A 2nd Chance Monitoring is an affiliated company of A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds, a multi-state bonding operation which began in Atlanta. For more information, please visit

Reconnect is a public benefit corporation revolutionizing accountability by leveraging technology that builds connections and empowers relationships. For more information, please visit


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