Reconnect® Community

Either to maintain the conditions of release or to support reentry, participants use Reconnect Community, a specialized app that works in conjunction with a smartphone and provides 24/7 monitoring and a vast array of communication options. Participants can use their personal device or be issued a locked-down phone – one that communicates strictly with authorized parties while blocking access to the Internet. The app documents each step of accountability as mandated by supervisory agencies, specialty courts, pretrial, juvenile, treatment, reentry and diversion programs. Secure and confidential, Reconnect Community includes an encrypted communications platform, which accommodates texting, audio calls, video chat and more. The app also sends location-tagged check-in messages to confirm participants’ attendance at mandatory meetings. Because the app is HIPAA compliant, Reconnect Community is ideal for participants charged with substance-related crimes and those in transition from treatment or other healthcare facilities.

Reconnect Community Capabilities

  • Easy communications include two-way messaging (either one-on-one or in bulk), secure video chat and digital form submission
  • Accountability is built in with curfew and spot location biometric check-ins, non-invasive 24/7 location monitoring, and fully automated test randomization
  • Support is key to all participants. Fully customizable calendar and reminders, visual goals and action plans, client-scheduled events and forms all foster increased participant responsibility.

Reconnect Community Benefits

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