Learning management system for a wide range of court-approved virtual classes.

Virtual Learning Modules

Educational offerings reduce the likelihood of reoffending by 43%. Access to life skills classes support successful re-entry after incarceration or rehabilitation and vocational skills training helps remove barriers to employment. All of these offerings can be managed online through a single platform, powered by our partner, Corrisoft®, a leading technology solutions provider for corrections and supervisory communities

The learning management system is designed to adhere to court-approved program requirements including classes, training, and supervising requirements. Free online education gives offenders opportunities to overcome the two most common barriers to learning: cost and lack of transportation. Courses are available for access from smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers.

Offenders can use the LMS to demonstrate measurable self-improvement and decrease the likelihood of recidivism. Classes like anger management, financial literacy and parenting allow offenders to advance their skills while on probation. An online learning management system provides flexible supervision tools and online options to increase the likelihood of program success.


  • Content designed by MaxxContent®, a top educational content provider in the U.S.
  • Online learning environment.
  • Easy access, flexible and remote classes.
  • Knowledge, skills, and training course options.
  • Monitor progress at any time.
  • Help reduce recidivism.


Choose from a wide range of court-approved virtual classes.
Courses are designed to meet legal requirements.

Help clients acquire knowledge, skills and training.
Provide educational support to prevent reoffending.

Decrease barriers like transportation with at-home learning.
Provide flexible options to aid in court-ordered program success.

Allow supervisors and agencies to monitor progress 24/7.
Easily access cloud-based education records.

Monitor and verify completion of program requirements.
Track progress remotely in a secure online environment.

Leverage our exclusive relationship with Corrisoft.
Corrisoft offers industry-leading supervision technology tools.

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