Wearable, GPS-based solutions for remote monitoring.

Ankle Monitoring


BluTag is a low cost, e-tether that uses GPS to report specific locations and requires no additional hardware. The BluTag can be used with the AIR Check-in App to enhance communication capabilities. This remote monitoring option is the industry-standard option and is widely used across the United States.

Through GPS electronic monitoring, agencies and supervisors are able to monitor participant activity in near real time. The device houses the receiver and transmitter in a single unit. It remains securely fastened to an offender’s ankle and no other equipment is necessary for use.

BluTag transmits data every 10 minutes. Supervisors receive notifications if tampering or zone violations occur. In addition, supervising agents can ping the device to access the specific location of an offender. The device supplies GPS coordinates, date and time stamps, allowing supervisors to monitor activity and ensure legal compliance.

BluTag Features

  • Durable, waterproof casing
  • Shock-resistant, water and moisture-proof
  • Up to four days of electronic monitoring data storage
  • FCC certified for use in electronic monitoring mode
  • Remote GPS monitoring

BluTag Benefits

Increase public safety.
Track participants in real time.

Automatic GPS electronic monitoring.
Easily access and record participant location 24/7.

Location accuracy and reliable coverage.
Source location and geographical data, on demand.

Advanced, reliable technology.
GPS is reliable, time sensitive and highly accurate.

Allows agencies and law enforcement visibility and insight.
Monitor participants and act quickly if infractions occur.

Allows offenders to remain in community.
Communities support supervisory for non-violent offenders.

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