Monitor and communicate with participants via a smartphone app

AIR Checkin App

AIR Check-In App

The AIR Check-In app is a remote smartphone application that participants download to their personal Apple or Android smartphone. Agencies manage the check-in app through the AIR Dashboard, and it serves as a cost-effective way to administer remote reporting for low-risk clients.

The AIR Check-In App is designed to make monitoring tasks faster and more flexible, all from the convenience of a smartphone. The app was developed to extend the AIR suite of remote monitoring tools and it automatically syncs with the AIR Dashboard. Supervisory agencies and participants can utilize remote check-in, self reporting and notification features to stay in contact.

The application makes it easier for participants to respond to check-in requests, schedule meetings with supervisors, and receive communications about upcoming legal and court-ordered proceedings. Automatic alerts and reminders ensure that supervisors have direct contact with participants and that participants remain in compliance.

Participant check-ins are an ongoing requirement and the AIR Checkin App introduces a simple, yet effective option for agencies to remotely monitor participants during required supervisory periods. The application is secure and simple to download and begin using immediately, allowing participants to remain in legal compliance and saving agencies time and effort throughout supervision.

AIR Check-In App Features

  • Free download
  • Available for smartphone or tablet
  • GPS location monitoring
  • Push notifications
  • Missed check-in alerts
  • Participant self-reporting

AIR Check-In App Benefits

Replace or supplement supervisory meetings.
Utilize the app for flexible, remote check-ins.

Get automatic notifications.
Missed check-ins, meetings, or reports send automatic alerts.

Enable self-reporting.
Streamline check-ins to save time and costs.

Verify participant identity and location.
The app includes user verification and GPS tracking.

View and share data in the app.
Send calendar invites and meetings to participants.

One tool, many capabilities.
Source participant data and information in one place.

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