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Monitoring Tools: Key to Defendant Accountability

Courts and bail bonding companies use technology-based tools, such as ankle monitors and smartphones, to help detainees await trial outside the walls of a jail. Location tracking and remote monitoring electronic tethers are one way detainees charged with a crime can keep their jobs.

Most of us are familiar with the ankle monitors we see featured in crime dramas, but remote monitoring has expanded far beyond that initial type of tracking device. Today, smartphone-enabled applications and dashboards enable two-way communications that inform agencies where their defendants are 24/7/365.

A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s integrated technology platform, the Corrisoft AIR™ Product Suite, offers a range of devices designed to increase defendant interaction, simplify the delivery of court notices and easily escalate sanctions. Using A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s customizable platform, enrollees can communicate with law enforcement and correctional agencies safely, securely, and confidentially.

Range of Cost-effective Monitoring Devices

The AIR Product Suite’s array of devices, from ankle monitors to smartphones, dashboards and applications, offers a variety of cost-effective ways to monitor the locations of those awaiting trial and engage in two-way communications as well. Defendants and enrollees in court-mandated supervision programs can use any of the devices to satisfy their legal requirement for 24/7/365 accountability.

Courts and supervisory programs often pair low-risk first-time offenders with options that are less technically sophisticated and carry a lower price point than more advanced communication location tracking and options, which are generally reserved for high-risk defendants. Because defendants pay for these devices out of their own pockets, being able to offer solutions at a variety of prices can help make freedom affordable.

Electronic monitoring helps defendants satisfy their reporting obligations to the Courts, law enforcement and other supervising agents with around-the-clock accountability.

Second chances can start for many defendants even before they have their day in court with A 2nd Chance Monitoring.

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