Technology to Track Detainees

Agencies Use Technology to Track Detainees

Pre-trial detention, the time between when you are charged with a crime and when you go to trial, often lasts weeks, sometimes even months. Previously, detainees spent that time behind bars to ensure they did not leave the jurisdiction. Today, those serious consequences are less of a threat to those charged, but not convicted of a crime, thanks to a range of advanced technology-based monitoring solutions that allow defendants ways to work and live outside a jail after their arrest.

A 2nd Chance Monitoring, a sister company to A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds, is now Georgia’s exclusive provider of the Corrisoft AIR™ Product Suite that enables seamless GPS-driven monitoring and communications between detainees and those charged with overseeing them. Community supervision agencies use the devices, as well as detainees’ own smart phones, to comply with court-ordered monitoring during pre-trial detention and post-trial probationary periods.

The AIR product suite includes the following leased devices and licensed software:

  • BLUTag® Active: a lightweight, tamper-resistant ankle monitor recognized as the industry standard for detainee and defendant tracking
  • AIR Mobile: a state-of-the-art smartphone supervising agencies provide to detainees and defendants for checking in and direct communication with their supervising officer
  • AIR Connect: a small, lightweight, tamper-proof tether that pairs with the AIR Mobile device through a Bluetooth connection to ensure the phone is with the detainee at all times
  • AIR Check-in App: a downloadable application that allows detainees to use their personal smartphones to report in

This range of monitoring devices allows judges in Georgia to match a device to the alleged defendant’s perceived risk and capabilities. These “always on” monitors allow community agencies and law enforcement to know the detainee’s location at all times, and most models are tamper-resistant.

Issuing a Smart Phone or Accommodating BYOD

A 2nd Chance Monitoring is the exclusive Georgia provider of Corrisoft smart phones and applications that can be installed on detainees’ personal smart phones to comply with court-mandated check-ins and reporting. The AIR Mobile Phone & AIR Connect is a secured smartphone with video chat capabilities that can be used for check-ins. Limited functionality on the smart phone’s camera accommodates required photo verification. Additionally, the issued smart phone can be used to receive, complete and send court-required detainee questionnaires, update shared calendars of schedules and court dates, and receive appointment reminders and encrypted email. Detainees pay a daily rate for use of a smart phone, which includes a data and service plan.

Detainees who already have a smart phone can download the AIR Check-in application to access all of the specialized features included on the AIR Mobile Phone from their own handheld devices. AIR Check-in applications report geographic location just as the AIR Mobile Phone & Connect does.

The combination of AIR Mobile Phone, AIR Connect and AIR Check-in application deliver on A 2nd Chance Monitoring’s mission of helping detainees continue to work and live outside jail as they await their day in court. In addition to their use for pretrial detainees, supervisory agencies can issue these same devices and device combinations to convicted defendants who receive court-ordered probation.

A 2nd Chance Monitoring remains dedicated to helping detainees and convicted defendants honor their court-ordered requirements with as little disruption to their lives as possible.


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