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A 2nd Chance Monitoring Makes Continuing Education Curriculum Available to Clients Awaiting Trial or Under Supervised Release

Atlanta-based Company Takes Proactive Steps to Reduce Recidivism in Georgia

ATLANTA – July 27, 2022 – A 2nd Chance Monitoring®, a leading electronic monitoring service dedicated to increasing enrollees’ accountability to the courts, today announces it has taken a groundbreaking approach to proactively stem offenders’ recidivism by offering a rich range of court-approved virtual classes to its clients. Clients can use any device with Internet access, including smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers, to connect to Maxx LMS® – a cloud-based learning management system with access to self-paced and interactive learning modes. This important solution is now available to clients across the state of Georgia through our exclusive relationship with Corrisoft®, an industry-leading technology provider that offers the largest range of supervision tools available in corrections.

“We strongly believe that helping our clients acquire additional skills and education is the key to reducing recidivism in our state where it’s estimated to be as high as 50%,” said A 2nd Chance Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Matalon. “Not only will this educational opportunity benefit our clients, but it strengthens our communities when former offenders rejoin their families and the workforce with better knowledge, skills and training.”

Research with imprisoned populations has shown that offenders who opted to broaden their life skills and education while incarcerated have a 46% lower re-offense rate than their peers who do not pursue such training. By making a new life skills and educational curriculum available to those awaiting trial or sentencing and individuals on probation, A 2nd Chance Monitoring hopes to replicate the impressive lower rate of re-offense.

World-class curriculum awaits

Maxx LMS®, now available through A 2nd Chance includes such topics as GED Equivalency, Financial Literacy, Job and Workplace Readiness, Time Management, Family and Community Reunification, and Contemporary Technology, is produced by MaxxContent®, a top educational content provider in the United States. Clients can use any device with Internet access as they connect to this digital educational platform and access self-paced and interactive learning modules.

Access to a digital learning management system, and the options it provides, appeal to a wide range of the company’s clients. For example, attorneys representing clients who are awaiting trial or sentencing often stipulate completion of educational programs as a condition of bond, judges sometimes mandate skills-based training for those convicted of a crime and parole agreements can require educational course completion. Clients enrolled in these online classes can elect to have progress reports and class completion details electronically forwarded to their parole officers or supervising agencies.

About A 2nd Chance Monitoring

A 2nd Chance Monitoring provides technology that allows detainees to rejoin work and family while under court supervision. A 2nd Chance Monitoring is affiliated with A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds, a reputable and experienced bail bond company that is revolutionizing the bail bonding process by providing unparalleled client service. Both companies support rehabilitation as an adjunct to incarceration.

About Corrisoft®

Corrisoft is a technology solutions provider that has been fighting recidivism for over a decade. Our suite of services offer a range of accountability, support, education and communication technology that promotes safer and stronger communication between supervision agencies and participants of any risk level. We have a long and innovative history of advancing community corrections technology with patented, first-in-market solutions that continue to expand beyond standard monitoring.


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