Take advantage of smartphone-based supervision solutions.

AIR Mobile + AIR Connect

AIR Mobile Smartphone with AIR Connect

The AIR Mobile Smartphone with AIR Connect increases accountability and streamlines participant engagement with easy-to-use technologies. This cell phone-based system gives agencies the ability to make immediate contact with participants, leading to increased enrollee interaction and compliance.

Location monitoring technology simplifies activity management and aids in monitoring attendee compliance. Supervisors can confirm participant location, view or speak to participants in real time via video chat and conduct check-ins in a flexible and discreet manner.

Providing supervisors with tools that leverage everyday technologies to monitor, manage, and engage with participants helps decrease the likelihood of recidivism. Through the use of smartphones connected to wearable monitoring devices, supervisors are able to take immediate action and participants can respond quickly to notifications. These solutions effectively expand the continuum of sanctions and create effective alternatives to incarceration.

AIR Mobile Smartphone with AIR Connect Features

  • GPS supervision
  • Location monitoring
  • Activity management
  • Flexible check-ins
  • Immediate contact
  • Technology-based compliance

AIR Mobile Smartphone with AIR Connect Benefits

Secure alternative to incarceration.
Allows offenders to return to the community between legal proceedings.

Easy to use.
Fast onboarding process with 24/7 access to live support.

Flexible use cases.
Alerts and reminders automatically are sent to device app.

Quick implementation.
Easily connect and begin monitoring in minutes.

Remote, face-to-face meetings.
Secure communication.

Cost-effective tethered monitoring.
Remote monitoring is a community-accepted alternative.

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