Secure remote monitoring from the convenience of a smartwatch.

GPS Wrist Wearable

GPS Smart Watch

The ActiveTrack wrist wearable enables supervisors to have direct interaction with offenders. Agencies and supervisors can send messages, access secure information, trigger reminders, make instant contact in the event of violations and send positive communications, all through a wrist wearable device.

This discreet wearable is a cost-effective option that ensures remote monitoring, compliance, and continuous communication. The device is outfitted with infraction detection, removal detection and an accelerometer and gyroscope. In addition, the device has 48-hour autonomy between charges, an LED screen and notifications for all around consistent monitoring and use.

Wearable remote monitoring devices are flexible, secure and versatile. Features can be customized on a case-by-case basis and users have the ability to quickly respond to notifications and messages. Continued use of monitors by offenders while under supervision can play a role in sentencing, aid offenders in the rehabilitation process and help reduce recidivism.

GPS Wrist Wearable Features

  • Secure, lightweight wearable
  • Embedded data
  • 48 hour autonomy
  • LED screen
  • Automatic communication alerts
  • Automatic violation notifications

GPS Wrist Wearable Benefits

Remotely monitor GPS location.
Instant access to participant location and GPS coordinates.

Ensure legal compliance.
Verify and confirm program adherence.

Quickly intervene during violations.
Receive alerts and notifications if infractions occur.

Monitor individuals in real time.
Ensure continual monitoring while offenders are under supervision.

Discreet yet secure alternative to ankle monitors.
Wrist wearables offer more flexibility and capabilities.

Save costs and reduce incarceration rates.
Communities support alternatives for non-violent offenders.

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